T. Mariotti S.p.A.

Via dei Pescatori, Molo Cagni
16128 - Genova (Italy)
Tel. +39 010 24081
Fax +39 010 240824

Production Sites

Offices, workshops and facilities in the productive heart of Italy.

T. Mariotti’s headquarters, located in Genoa, consist of offices, a specialised workshop, warehouses for cargo and for construction. Here, in addition to a stretch of water with 345m of quays, the shipyard is able to use the docks belonging to the Port of Genoa. T. Mariotti, together with Cimolai, has founded the CI.MAR company, which handles large-scale metal machining and fabrication (to build ships’ hulls).


Via dei Pescatori, Molo Cagni
16128 - Genova (Italy)

Technology and know-how in the heart of the Mediterranean
The headquarters of the shipyard is located in the Port of Genoa, with an area of more than 20,000 square meters of which over 10,000 are covered, and 345m of quay. T.Mariotti employs more than 100 units with peaks of up to a thousand people on board for the new buildings.

San Giorgio di Nogaro

Zona Industriale Aussa Corno - Via E. Majorana, 7
33058 - San Giorgio di Nogaro (UD) - ITALY

Spaces and facilities of the latest generation in partnership with Cimolai in the north of Italy.
CI.MAR is based in S. Giorgio di Nogaro (near Venice area), offering a 50,000 sqm site equipped with large covered halls for steel construction; Welding Panel Line; Lifting capacities up to 320 tons; Facilities and workshops for piping.